So Long Jordan and Nelina!

The DC-NZ kids are on their way, enjoying family, friends, and In-N-Out burgers. And since I just now viewed their goodbye video, I thought I'd post pictures of the famous (infamous?) couch which has made its way from apartment to apartment, and is now being coveted in our space. So, here it is:

Hope this makes you feel a little more at home!
(Pictures from our awesome Christmas-slash-New-Year's trip coming soon. Gotta love the digital camera!)


Baby G & Dizzle said...

Looks so cozy! We're both looking forward to napping on it upon our return. You are both missed very much and we hope the wedding plans are going swimmingly. Email me the web address that has details about registration and stuff...we'll talk soon! Love, BG&D

Peong said...

you don't even know!!! that couch predates even sweet trini! It looks cozy in its new home. It has always been a couch to fill a room, but at the same time demands full stretch couple napping. Happy couching!