I'm Free (To Do What I Want, Any Old Time)

I figure since the Stones have given commercials full rein to use this song, I might as well use it as my post title.


As some of you know, I quit my job last week. I loved teaching there. I loved the kids. It didn't matter how stressed-out I was, there was always someone there to make me smile, and I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment.

But I'm not a salesperson. I once asked my dad why I didn't seem to have the Jewish cultural imperative towards taking people's money. (It's a joke, OK?) Unfortunately, stereotypes don't seem to work that way.

Plus, I haven't been able to focus on school as much as I'd like. Staying up until 4:30AM to read should not be the only option. And this while I'm getting B+s. I feel like such a hypocrite telling the kids that school should be their number-one priority, and not listening to my own advice. I know I need to work for a living, but this schedule was killing me.

So, I'm out.

I've got a couple of good leads, and I hope to be differently employed by the time my last day pops up...I'm so happy about this decision.

Oh! And I plan to post more now--gonna keep you updated on the whole wedding-planning thing. Fun!

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